The Roommate Program

“Breaking the Ice”
If you've ever thought of taking on a roommate on tour whom you don't even know, you've probably been a little nervous. We understand. In fact the whole idea of rooming with someone you don’t know doesn't seem so comfortable to many of us. We've taken some very special steps to make it easier than you might imagine…And we have lots of experience. We pair 60+ happy bridge playing travelers every year.

This is how it works. After you have made the decision to join us, we'll take your confidential personal profile. Our objective is to match you with another person whose personal profile closely matches yours (e.g. smoker, non-smoker, day person, night person, quiet, not so quiet, has a drink in room, doesn't have a drink in room, etc.).

After we think we have a match for you, we insist that the two of you chat on the telephone. Then it’s up to you.  If it sounds like a match, you’re set for your bridge holiday. If not, we’d be happy to search for another roommate or refund your deposit. Our goal is to assure that you’re satisfied and comfortable. And don’t worry about bridge partners, we encourage everyone to try out different partnerships throughout our bridge vacations.

For more information, see Playing Bridge on Tour.