Playing on Tour

Evelyn & Joyce playing bridge with
French players while on tour in Nice.

Our personal experience from playing bridge in literally hundreds of clubs throughout the world while touring is that Finesse West bridge groups are afforded a special hospitality that is not accessible to the average traveler. You just can't imagine how fun it is to be the honored guests of local players for an evening's dinner and bridge. You must experience this warmth and hospitality, firsthand, to appreciate it fully. And it happens in many different cities on every single touring bridge holiday, the world over.

Whether you are a Life Master or a Novice, Finesse West Tours offers a very special kind of bridge holiday. Through months of communication and organization between Finesse West Tours and local bridge clubs, unforgettable evenings are planned for all to enjoy.

And as far as bridge-playing experience goes, our clients are made up of players at all skill levels. Our emphasis while on holiday is clearly on socializing and enjoying the hospitality of local bridge players. Hopefully, you too will be able to experience this soon.

You'll have the opportunity to
partner with many of your fellow
travelers while on tour.

Finding a Partner on Tour
No problem. Since Finesse West's tours are comprised of many single folks, we have many players who need partners. We encourage everyone, even those who come with a companion, to mix it up. We've had many couples on tour, who choose not to play together during an entire tour! In fact, if we set you up with a roommate in our Roommate Program, we'd prefer you played with other partners. You'll have more stories to tell back in your room. Of course, playing with your traveling companion is OK too. It's your vacation. Nonetheless, Fred Theurkauf is on every tour to make sure you have a partner for every game.

Drawing for Fred
If you are dealt more than your fair share of yarboroughs then you've got a reasonable chance of being stuck playing with Fred. He's generally desperate for a partner and we always have a drawing for him before games. Of course, you don't have to draw, but Fred 'thinks' he can follow suit. By the way, it's the closest to the 2 that gets him.

** For North American players, all duplicate games are ACBL SANCTIONED.